Mommy of Yes

The other day Captain Chaos and I were leaving the gym by way of the cafe, and, as usual, he asked to stop and get a treat. I was tired, sweaty, and in kind of a hurry, so I said, “No, not today. Maybe next time.”

He sighed in acceptance of my answer, dropped his shoulders, and then replied, “I wish I was with my Daddy of Yes. He would buy me a treat.”

It was, at the same time, funny and painful to hear him say that. My husband is a bit of a softy, and he does usually comply with requests for treats and small prizes. I don’t. Well, I do sometimes. I will admit that the Target Dollar Spot is a personal weakness.

Still, Chaos’ small comment made me question, do I say no too much? Do I say no when I could say yes?

I stewed over that for a few days. I read this blog post. I considered the possibilities. I wondered what would happen if I became a Mommy of Yes.

How can I become a Mommy of Yes? What needs to change in order for that to happen?

I think it is me that needs to change. I don’t think that it necessarily means buying anything and everything the kids ask for. I do think that I need to get out of their way a little bit. I can’t even count how many times I have said no to an activity because it will or could cause a mess. A mess that would ultimately be my responsibiity to clean up. A mess that I don’t want to clean up.

And yet, they’re only kids once, right?

There has to be some balance, which is what I am out to find this summer. Is it possible to become a Mommy of Yes?


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