100 Days of Summer | Day 3

Day 3 almost turned into an unmitigated disaster. Almost.

Once we were up and about and everyone had eaten I told the kids to get their swimsuits on. They all wanted to know where we were going, but I didn’t tell them. I like to surprise them occasionally.

We jumped in the car and went first to the grocery store. They each got to pick out a Lunchable (which is a treat) for lunch. It was pretty awesome because Chaos was so confused about why we were wearing bathing suits to the grocery store. He was firing questions left and right trying to determine what the grand plan was.

We got back in the car and went up the street to the most awesome park in town. It’s awesome because it is not only a handicap accesible playground of epic proportions, but also a pretty decent sized sprayground!

I had never been there before, so I was pretty impressed with the scale and how clean and pretty everything was. As we pulled up we noticed tha there was a school group there, which wasn’t a big deal, plenty of room for everyone. We unloaded and started spraying everyone with sunscreen. We gathered up all of our bags and stuff and walked over to find a place to sit.

Just as we dropped our things on a table the water shut off. Wha?

Teh super-chipper Kindergarten teacher then announced that they were so super lucky to have had perfect timing, as they were breaking for lunch just as the city came to do maintenance on the sprayground. Y’all, I was not happy. I had specifically checked and the website and posted signs all stated that the sprayground was closed on Wednesday for maintenance, which is whay we had gone over on Tuesday!

After talking with the maintenance crew got us nowhere the kids decided to go ahead and eat lunch. We all ate while we wathced the maintenance crew work. After a bit the maintenance supervisor showed up and explained a little about what was going on. Turns out they had a clog and didn’t want it getting worse. He promised that they would work as fast as possible and get the water back on soon.

The kids voted to stay and play on the playground.


They had a good time, but it was pretty hot. At 11:30 the maintenance guys said it would be a half-hour.

At noon, it was another half-hour.

At 12:29 the water spurted on and it was met with joyous cries from Moms and kids alike!



I gave the kids 45 minutes to play in the water – less time than I had originally planned, but it added up to more time overall at the park than I had planned on too. My original thought had been to leave about noon since we had gotten there at 10:15.



By the time we left they were cooled off, soaking wet, and happy as clams. I’d say Day 3 was a roaring success as summer days go.


We’re making the most of our summertime in 2012. See all 100 Days of Summer Posts here.


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