100 Days of Summer | Day 10

We didn’t do much besides play quietly while we all recuperated from being sick.

On Day 10 we had an appointment at Scottish Rite. Nothing extraordinary, just a routine follow-up with her othopedist.

Giant 12 year old feet. Time for a check-up.

While this wasn’t really on our list of summer must-dos, we did try to make it a fun trip, and Scottish Rite tries very hard to make the whole hospital about the kids and about fun. They have two old cars in a hallway, a giant moving sculpture in the atrium, and aquariums all over the place. There’s toys in the waiting areas, too.

But my kids favorite is the giant stained-glass kaleidoscope:


You look in one end and a motor moves the stained glass at the other end. It really is beautiful.


We’re making the most of our summertime in 2012. See all 100 Days of Summer Posts here.


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