100 Days of Summer | Days 12 + 13

My girls are friends with two girls at church, also sisters, and because I love them all, we decided to have a sleepover. Hotel style.

I called their mom, of course, to pick a date and then started looking for the hotel with the coolest pool. Because you can’t have a summer hotel sleepover party without hitting the pool, and a lap pool? Not gonna cut it!

Thankfully the coolest pool in the area is also midway between our houses, so I made reservations and we waited impatiently for the big day.

On Friday we packed up suitcases and headed out to the hotel, stopping to buy some snacks and supplies for the evening – cookies, chips, M&Ms, and nail polish stickers. Special patterns for every girl.

We got there and checked in and headed straight for the rooms. Here’s our view:


We relaxed for an hour or so before our guests arrived. I caught up on back episodes of Duck Dynasty. Have you seen this show? So hilarious!

When the girls got there we all got our swim suits on and went to the pool.


There was much actual swimming. There was a slide at the far end of the pool that got a lot of time from the girls and Captain Chaos.


There was girl talk time after Chaos left to go spend the night with his Aunt.


There was some relaxing on the sidelines too.

Party Boy stopped for pizza after dropping Chaos off and we had amazing thin crust pizza for dinner. Then we settled in to watch more Duck Dynasty and some lame movie on cable while the girls did each others nails and watched shows on Disney Channel.

I’m not sure how late the girls stayed up talking and giggling and eating snacks and doing nails. It got pretty quiet by 10:30 or so. We heard them start to move around again around 7:30 Saturday morning, so once everyone was packed up and ready to check out we went downstairs to have breakfast. Honestly, it was one of the best breakfast buffets ever.

After breakfast we headed back out to the pool, which gave Chaos a chance to come back and swim some more with his mow-honk. Heh.


All in all, it was a great sleepover. We had such a great time, and the girls were immediately begging to do it again soon! As far as summer activities go, it was a total success…


We’re making the most of our summertime in 2012. See all 100 Days of Summer Posts here.


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Summer | Days 12 + 13

  1. cara says:

    I need to know what hotel that is… we are always looking for good ones when we are in town with just girls…

  2. Jess says:

    What a great idea! A hotel sleepover! I would never have thought to do that. Plus they have pools and my girls are fall babies so how fun would that be for them in the fall at their bday? Thanks for sharing! Happy SITS Day!

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