Currently | July 30, 2012


…to the Olympics. I love the Olympics more than any other sporting event. In thought about that I realized that I think that I love it because it gives a spotlight to sports that normally live in the shadow of the big games like football, baseball, and basketball. My heart belongs to swimming, gymnastics, and equestrian events, thanks.


…nothing at the moment. I am starving while I wait for Party Boy to come home from work. I keep wandering into the kitchen to scrounge for a snack, but then remind myself that I don’t want to ruin my dinner. So I wander aimlessly and then find myself in the kitchen again.


…lots of water. Some Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero with an occasional Sweet Tea thrown in for good measure. I am still a Southern Girl after all.


…shorts and a t-shirt. It’s kind of a summer uniform, right? I mean, it’s even getting too hot to go to the pool. Seriously hot.


…pretty good. Had a monster workout this morning, a good breakfast. Went to the movies and saw Ice Age: Continental Drift. Those crazy prehistoric animals always make me laugh.


For reals, it is so, so, so HOT. And dry. And HOT. It’s the kind of hot that makes a breeze even not feel good because it’s like someone opened the oven door and sent a blast of hot air into the already hot room.


…the political ads to just stop already. I really feel like political ads should be banned during the olympic coverage. I mean, what better way to unite a country than cheering for Team USA, and then BOOM! Here’s a mud-slinging, accusation throwing, personal indictment created to divide. Enough already.


…to get back to school planning. We start back on August 20th with the hopes of getting in a solid month to 6 weeks before we move into the new house. I really, really need to have the first 10-12 weeks planned completely to make the transition to the new house as easy as possible with school going on.


…that I have so very much to do in the next few weeks. School planning, orthodontic appointments, house stuff, moving planning, enjoying the last fading days of summer, tracking orders, CT work, starting school. The list goes on.


…the Olympics. Air conditioning. Good movies. Marking things off the to-do list. Pinterest.

Just thought it would be good to take a minute and remember the current happenings. I would love to know what you are up to currently!


13 thoughts on “Currently | July 30, 2012

  1. Jennifer says:

    We’re on the same wave length here! 🙂 Especially about the Olympics – these athletes work and train tirelessly at their sport – I love that they get their moment to shine! Oh, and the weather? I feel like I’m living on the sun, so we haven’t been to the pool since BEFORE summer started. Ridiculous.

    Popping over to wish you a great SITS Day!

  2. Oh, I SO agree about the political ads. ENOUGH!

    Wonderful little spot on the web…so glad I stopped by!

    • Candy says:

      Ugh! They’re the WORST. I will be so glad when this election season is over…. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Ronna says:

        No kidding–I’m with you both there! Even my 7yr old said to me last week, “Mom, why can’t they all just get along?” Nothing like hearing it from the mouths of babes!

  3. Amy Putkonen says:

    I love this idea for a blog post. Cool. I might steal it! lol… Just stopping by from SITS. Congratulations on your big day!

  4. Just as hooked as you are on the Olympics. I can’t get enough of the gymnastics and am excited for rhythmic gymnastics to start… Wonder when that does, actually… Stay cool!

  5. Julias Math says:

    Yes, I am totally with you on the Olympics. We normally have rather strict TV rules, but they are all broken every four years when the Olympics are on!!! I found you as the Featured Blog on SITS. How cool!

  6. I love you call the hub “Party Boy” (did I get that right?) I am madly skimming your blog, can’t wait to read more!

  7. i love this post! a simple, entertaining way to give updates about your life…

    happy sits day! :0

  8. Ronna says:

    Love this post–I’m going to BLOGLIFT and scrap-it (with my own info, of course)!! In addition, I penciled out a whole page of other things that I brainstormed that I want to get scrapped. Thanks for the great idea starter!

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