Allergic Excitement

Allergic reaction landed us at care now. Joy.

{Recording the events of June 26, 2012}

We were just hanging out at the house. It was a quiet afternoon and I was getting ready for a meeting while the kids were supposed to be cleaning up the toy room. MOTS came into my room and told me that Chaos had a rash on his back. He has eczema, and I had been waiting for a flare, since it’s been hot and getting sweaty and hot can cause it to react. I told her I would look at it later and she went back to cleaning.

I continued gathering the information I needed for my meeting as a few more minutes passed. Again MOTS came into my room and as she was telling me that the rash was growing Chaos walked in completely covered in hives.

I’ll admit that I didn’t panic right away. Hollywood had an allergic reaction to a spider bite when she was about 18 months old and looked MUCH worse than Chaos did, but as I was examining him the hives continued to grow and spread. My Mom took a look and was concerned but not panicked either.

His ears started getting red and puffy and that’s when I decided to take him to urgent care. Thankfully Mom was home and able to stay with the girls, who were extremely worried for their brother.

As soon as we walked into urgent care the desk nurse took one look at Chaos and called for triage. They saw his nose and ears swelling and reddened and took us right back. He wasn’t wheezing, and he was acting okay, so we started with a dose of Benadryl, followed by a shot of steroids in his hip.

We hung out for about 20 minutes while the hives disappated. The doctor came in and asked us if he had eaten anything (nope) or had any previous allergic reactions (nope). We were told to follow up with our pediatrician and sent home.


Meet our new bear, Shots.


As we were leaving, the nurse brought Chaos a little stuffed bear, which was promptly named Shots and given a whole back story about how he had a family that he left to come live with us and keep Chaos safe from “aller-bees.”

We never did figure out what caused the allergic reaction and because we couldn’t even narrow it down, the pediatrician opted to forgo allergy testing. If he has another reaction and we can limit to food or environmental causes then we’ll test and talk about next steps.

Thankfully there was never a recurrence, though it’s still disheartening to not know what caused the reaction in the first place. I will totally admit to keeping a much closer eye on food labels, but nothing so far. Urgh.


3 thoughts on “Allergic Excitement

  1. Ginger says:

    Totally not cool!

  2. Karen says:

    OMG, how beyond scary. I am glad you had your mom there to watch your other kids. I am he is okay, but I would keep a watchful eye too.

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