Where Have You Been?!?

Dear Future Self,

Someday you will be browsing back through your blog and see this great gaping void during the month of August 2012. You will wonder, “Did nothing happen in August 2012?”

Oh, sweet, innocent future self, things were indeed happening in August 2012. Many, many things. Let’s review.

During August 2012 you:

* Obsessed over the Olympics. It was the first thing you turned on in the morning and the last thing you watched before falling asleep. You griped when the newscasters spoiled things, cried when Team USA won gold, and generally refused to leave the house as much as possible clear through the closing ceremonies.

* Planned the 2012-2013 homeschool year. Ordered curriculum. Made copies. Printed. Organized. Bought more curriculum. Assembled boxes of lesson plans. Decorated binders and notebooks.

* Got your teeth cleaned. Received your first awesome dental check-up in the last 3 years. No new cavities! Yay!

* Got your last two cavities filled! Yay!

* Scrapped only a few pages. A few Project Life. A few assignment pages. Really a dismal output. Must do better in September.

* Played golf at the driving range. Realized that golf really is a work-out.

* Took a photo every day. Success. Finally!

* Drove to Houston and back in one day. To pick up a trailer and doors for the house.

* Started our homeschool year. It’s going well, which makes the obsessive planning seem worth it!

* Started a new year of Bible Study! It’s a big class this year 🙂

* Spent a TON of time driving around getting things for the house and organizing them and delivering to the site.

* Started a new swim team season. The girls are very happy to be back in the water!

* Continued working out with my trainer twice a week. He has ramped up the intensity, much to my dismay.

* Went to an event that marked MOTS official start in our Student Ministry. How did she get to be in 7th grade? Who approved that?


I am hoping that September settles down a bit and that I’ll have more time to blog!


2 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?!?

  1. […] August was a crazy long/busy month. And as I logged in to finish this post today I saw this post from Candy at Happy Little Wonders and realized I must not be the only person who feels like the blog was an after thought for the […]

  2. Hope says:

    Wow! sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. I wish I had the organization and skills to home school my kids. I hope you find time to blog. I’d love to read about it. God bless!

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