We were talking about stories tonight. About how each day has a different story, even when every day feels the same. Nobody has the exact same day every day. Even in the movie Groundhog Day each day was different for Bill Murray.

And we talked about how most people can’t find stories in their lives. They might be able to pull at threads and find beginnings, but telling stories? Not so much. And it’s not that telling stories is hard or beyond the reach of most, it just takes practice. And it’s not something that most people practice – finding those story threads and teasing them out of the greater fabric of the day.

It’s what I am practicing this month on the blog, and for that I am thankful. I could certainly use the practice.


One of our biggest struggles these days is the growling and snapping between the kids. I am pretty sure that in some ways this is normal – my brother and I fought a lot too. Still, it’s hard to watch as they bicker and gripe at each other.

Today was finally the last straw as the girls started in on each other once again. I told them that they had to sit together and hold hands. And then, I did the unthinkable. I made them compliment each other.

So they did. It started with the simple stuff like hair and eyes and but when those ran out they really had to dig deep. That’s when the compliments got a little more real. Things like “thanks for helping me with chores,” and “you have a really pretty voice.” And afterwards, they went their separate ways. I think it had gotten too easy for them to look at each other and see an enemy, an antagonist. Even innocent behaviors can illicit an outburst. But after having to look for the best in each other for a few minutes the attitudes almost completely stopped. The hateful comments and nasty remarks ceased.

So, they weren’t skipping through a field singing and braiding each others hair, but I’ll take what I can get these days.





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