Treading Water

It’s the last day of the month in which I made a goal to post every day. I posted 6 times counting today. Were there only 6 days in October, because that’s how it feels!

Or maybe it’s that I spent the other days driving endlessly all over the metroplex.

The good news is that the house is so close to being done. We thought we might get to move in this weekend, but no… it will be later next week. It seems like that is what I hear most these days. “Just a few more days.”

Anyway, they were in working on the floors today and should have the bulk of that finished by Friday. I say should because everytime we get a promise of done by Friday it takes a couple of extra days. Isn’t this fun? Those of you playing along at home – if you took first full week in November in the betting pool – you may actually win this thing!


In other news, Captain Chaos seems to think that I have punked his Daddy. We were driving around yesterday (surprised?) when we had the following conversation:

CC: I am going to get married when I get big.

Me: Oh really?

CC: Yes. And then after I get married we will have kids someday.

Me: Mmmmmhmmmmm.

CC: But I won’t work.

Me: Huh? How’s that work?

CC: Oh, my wife will have a job. She will work. I’ll just drive the kids around all day.

Let me tell you that we got a good laugh at that one. Well, Party Boy did. I giggled, but wasn’t nearly as amused at the implications.


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