December Daily | Cover and Day 1

I love this project. I look forward to it every year, spending weeks obsessing over finding just the right supplies to make my album and then agonizing for days about whether we will have enough to record. This year though is extra-special because it will document our first Christmas in this house!

I am hoping that I can capture the magic of the season this year and the joy that comes from finally being in this house.


This is the cover page for this album. I do a cover page because I don’t really know if each year’s December Daily will be in its own album since I just decided to stick with the 8×8 size (for simplicity sake).


December 1

The weather has been insane this season, feeling more like March or April than December. All weekend we hade highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. It is a blessing and a curse, really. We have so much to do outside that we welcome the nice weather, but at the same time we desperately need some rain!

On the other hand, we were so busy that I didn’t take very many pictures – even with my phone! Oh well. It’s done and documented anyway!

DD - Dec 01

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One thought on “December Daily | Cover and Day 1

  1. donna miller says:

    Hi!! Love It…….I need your new address so I can send Chris is birthday card.
    Hope all is well and you guys are settled in now. Love You Grandma

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