Time Travel Bloggy Style

I was getting nostalgic for old December Daily pages this afternoon, so I decided to go back and pull up posts around this time in years past. It’s something that I love about blogging – being able to look at how life was the last few years.

December 2008

All’s Quiet – Can’t believe how little Captain Chaos was. I still have those first shoes of his hidden away.

December 2009

Checking It Twice… – Erg! I need to get Christmas Cards for this year!

December 2010

December 10 + Notes From Today… – I still have those applesauce ornaments. They still smell delicious too!

December 2011

December Daily | Days 5 + 6 – Oh boy. I needed to read that again…


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One thought on “Time Travel Bloggy Style

  1. J O says:

    This cracks me up. In my 2010 December Daily, applesauce ornaments made an appearance as well. In the journal, I marked that “As God is my witness, I will NEVER do these again.” I freaking HATE applesauce cinnamon ornaments.

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