One Little Word | 2013

If you visit my blog (as opposed to reading through Google Reader or some such) you’ll notice that I changed up my header to reflect my One Little Word for 2013, story.

Over the last year I realized that one of the things I was missing most was telling the stories of our daily lives: the funny/infuriating/silly/crazy things that the kids do. The sweet moments that we have as a family. The fun stuff. The sad stuff. I just didn’t have much time to sit and write about it in 2012. I do now, so I want to make it more of a practice – practice writing our story.

I hope, that much like create did in 2012, that story becomes just a part of the fabric of our days. That telling stories becomes a habit and ingrains itself in our lives. And I hope that I remember to write down more of our stories!


The One Little Word concept was started by Ali Edwards. You can read more about it on Ali’s Blog.


2 thoughts on “One Little Word | 2013

  1. […] was to spend more time in this place and capture more stories from our lives. I said as much this time last year. That’s not at all what […]

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