Levels of Clean

So last week my kids learned a terribly important lesson – that there are many levels of clean.

Everyday Clean

This is the clean that the house is at around evening time. We pick up things, sweep up crumbs, round up dirty clothes. It takes about 10 minutes and the house looks passable.

Cleaning Day Clean

On cleaning day we do the everyday clean, but we also vacuum and mop. Clean the bathrooms. We do this once a week and it takes a few hours, mainly because I am still in the training stage with them about how to do their jobs correctly and thoroughly. Someday I hope to be able to split us up and weekly cleaning will go much faster!

Company Clean

I think everyone does this. When you have people coming over you spend a little extra time making sure the house, especially public areas, look nice. In this phase we dust more carefully, wipe down the couch, spend extra time polishing mirrors. All those little touches that may not get done every week.

Operating Room Clean

Once or twice a year we really deep clean. The carpets get cleaned, walls get wiped down, everything gets sanitized. Usually this happens in the spring and again in late fall in time for the holidays. This kind of super-detailed cleaning can take a week. It’s not the kids favorite time of year, but I know that we all feel better when it’s done and the house is nice and clean.

And finally….

Grandma Clean

Need I say more?


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