Friday Five | February 8, 2013

I can pretty much guarantee that this won’t happen every Friday. But I did have 5 things that I wanted to share, so here we go…

1. 52 Lists

Found this via Ali Edward’s blog, but I’ve seen it on Pinterest as well. Thinking I want to attempt this simply because I can. And I really like the idea of a binder full of lists that I made during the year 2013.

2. Free Template

So, I made this template. It’s free over at Peppermint Creative. You can grab it anytime during the month of February.

And here’s the page that inspired the template.


3. Valentine Decor

If you are looking for a super simple little decor piece for Valentine’s Day – to keep or give away – give this a try! I led a group at church in making these and they were definitely a hit. What’s nice is that you probably have most of what you need already at your house…

Valentine Tree Decoration

via Then She Made

4. Cara Cara Oranges

I heard about these oranges on The Digi Show Podcast of all places! They’re only available from December to March or April and I had never heard of them before. When I stumbled on them at Costco the other day I grabbed a bag of them, post haste! Boy I am so glad I did. Cara Cara oranges are really easy to peel and they taste like a very sweet grapefruit. I love them because I love grapefruit, but only when it is covered in loads of sugar. This way I can have the taste, without using a half-pound of sweetener!

5. Duck Dynasty and The Walking Dead

Both of the shows, that I love, are returning to the small screen later this month. I am not quite sure that I can handle the awesomeness.


One thought on “Friday Five | February 8, 2013

  1. j o says:

    I found 52 lists as well. I’m going to catch up later this weekend. I love the idea…

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