We started Tee-Ball this month. I have to admit that it is so much fun. For me.

Chaos likes it okay, but baseball, even playing it, can be terminally boring for a 5-year-old. There’s a lot of standing around, waiting for instruction, and waiting for the coach to wrangle the other kids, and waiting for snack. He does love throwing the ball and batting practice. And he loves playing with the other kids.

I get a giggle because of things like what we experienced last night.

At the ball field. Brings back so many memories of watching @cbo3000 play ball so many years ago!


The previous practices have been at a practice field, which is basically a backstop in an open field. It is serviceable, but there’s something to be said for dugouts and real bases and that red baseball dirt.

Games will be starting soon, so the coaches wanted to make sure that the kids had actually seen a field and that they at least had a basic understanding of how things would work during a game. After some opening instruction they split up to do some warm-up style exercises before some batting practice.

And batting practice? My favorite part!

Chaos started out on first base. Our league rules state that every tee-ball player has to rotate through every position, so there’s no assigning positions yet. It’s good because who knows at 5 years old what their talent will be. My brother played catcher, but I doubt that at 5 he would have picked that position. Anyway, back to batting practice. Chaos is on first base. And the little girl is taking forever (in 5 year old time).

Attention starts to wander across the field. The pitcher is having a dirt fight with the second baseman. The short stop and the third baseman are spinning around trying to get dizzy. And then – a HIT!

The ball bounced off the tee onto the grass and all 9 little tee-ball players run forward. It ends with a dog pile on the ball, the batter is confused, the coach is trying to separate the kids and prevent a fist fight over who gets to throw the ball to first base. Everyone runs back to their positions.

Next ball, only half the team ran forward, and there were only a few swings taken about throwing the ball.

After each kid batted they took over at first base. Towards the end of practice the kids started to wise up and would let someone run forward, who would inevitably miss the ball then a couple would try to stop it before someone finally wrangled it and threw it in the general direction of first base.

The whole thing was cute overload.

Can’t wait for our first game.


One thought on “Tee-Ball

  1. Ginger says:

    !!! So Much Fun !!! We signed the boys up for PeeWee Tee-Ball which is like pre-Tee-Ball. I am sure it will be very interesting. 🙂

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