Spring Cleaning Plans

I love Spring Cleaning. I really do. I love how my house feels after it’s been deep cleaned. It’s usually a weeklong process moving from room to room, but I hate that part. Really? If I am going to spend my spring break cleaning, I’d rather just not do it at all.

So, I decided I’d try something new this year when I spring clean – I am only going to use one day to clean.

Thanks to a pin I found on Pinterest (go check it out because they share some great tips!), I really think it can be done. In fact, I was so excited about the idea that I created a printable checklist of the tasks. And I loved my checklist so much that I wanted to share it with you!

Spring Cleaning


Download the PDF here!

A few words about my personal plans:

1. Decluttering has to be a part of our regular routine. We keep a donation box in the house and as we find things that have been outgrown or that we no longer use – we just put it in the box. When the box is full we take the box and donate it. It’s constant, so no need to declutter as part of spring cleaning plans.

2. This list is only for deep cleaning. I plan to spend a couple of hours preparing for the big spring clean by picking up in each room and assembling my supplies the day before. If I want to finish in one day (I do!) then I can’t get sidetracked by tidying up or looking for my tools.

3. I will try to stick to the schedule as closely as possible and be done with spring cleaning at 5:00. Even if I don’t actually end up checking everything off. I am positive that I can get through most of the list and anything that gets done is better than not cleaning at all! And I have always gotten a weird rush from racing the clock when I clean anyway.

4. Dinner will be out. Take-out or fast food. I am not cooking after a marathon spring cleaning session.

Spring Cleaning the Rest of the House

Yes, I have more than one bathroom and the kids bedrooms to clean as well. They’re old enough to do quite a bit of cleaning themselves, honestly. I expect that they will clean their rooms (probably not spring clean, but…) and then their own bathroom. The bathroom list isn’t that hard and I think they could easily follow it and spring clean that space.

Other than that I feel like this list covers our most used areas – and for that reason, the areas that are most in need of deep cleaning. It’s also possible that I will make a separate fall cleaning list that will address the rest of our house as we prepare to be in the house more during the winter.

Do you have any spring cleaning plans?

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One thought on “Spring Cleaning Plans

  1. Hi, Love your spring cleaning plan! Your so organized! I need that too for sure! What is your worst cleaning challenge, other than your kids and husband! Ü

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