Imaginary Play

Right now, I am sitting at my computer while Captain Chaos plays in the next room. He doesn’t know that I am listening to every word he sings, as he makes up a song about everything that he is doing.

The trees go right here for the animals

Shade and food for the animals

Now I get the seaweed for the animals

Pink and green seaweed for the animals

it is camouflage and food and the animals

Thank me.

Then he moves on – the room is set up as a full size zoo encompassing the entirety of the game room floor. So he starts to sing dialogue, finally ending with a bee taking flight and buzzing around to visit all of the animals.


Hello tiger and cheetah. Do you like the trees and your fence?


It’s one of my favorite things when he creates a world all to himself. Nice to know that imagination is still cool.


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