A Surprise Garden Weekend

This was the first really nice weekend we have had in a while. So, it goes without saying that we spent a lot of time outside. I didn’t take many pictures (my hands were dirty and muddy) but do have stories to tell!

#mancrushmonday Both my boys playing video games. Love them!

Okay, so we weren’t that busy Friday evening. We chose to relax instead, as it had been a busy week – MOTS went on mission trip, Party Boy was flying all over the country and Hollywood, Chaos and I had practices and still did school work. We were ready to just hang out a bit.

But Saturday? Oh, how we worked!

We filled in the trench left by the electricians from running a line to the new well. We levelled several areas of the yard.

We re-did the edging on the front flower bed, so it looks less like we were drunk while installing it. Sigh. It made Party Boy mad when I started teasing him about that – one of his favorite sayings (and one that I repeat to the kids quite a bit) is “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Only I kept saying “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing twice!” Heehee.

We moved the remnants of the burn pile (mostly charred mesquite branches) to a location farther back in the property and closer to the next set of trees to be pruned. As we were doing that we found…

Not so sure about that toad. A big weekend for exploring around here.

A toad!

Of course we had to pick him up and touch and talk about him. Chaos wasn’t too sure, but he did end up petting it. I actually held it – a first for me! Over the course of the day we also picked up and touched – earthworms, beetles, a roly-poly, and a dead centipede. It was a good day for nature explorers!

Our next door neighbor, L.A. is an avid gardener and he was out tilling his garden bed. We stopped to chat with him and he asked why we didn’t have a garden ready yet (we talked about it when we bought the property several years ago that I love to vegetable garden). I explained that time and tools had escaped us – we don’t have a tiller and we hadn’t had time. So he offered to bring his tiller over and till up a small strip of land so I could at least plant some tomatoes, which are my favorite! That settled it. Party boy used the tractor to strip the sod off the plot and L.A. came over and tilled it all up. Now we just need to work in some compost and plant. What a surprise! I went from no garden to enough space to plant a bunch of tomato plants and a couple of blackberry canes!

It was a very good weekend…


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