Post-Easter Sugar High

This Easter weekend was so much fun! It was so fun that I took, like 3 whole pictures. *facepalm*

Oh well. It’s all about the memories, right?

Last week, Party Boy was off work and we took that time to work on some home projects for the spring.


Here I am supervising the digging of a flowerbed next to our front porch. By the time he was done it did resemble a swimming pool, but it all worked out in the end. We put much better dirt back in and I think our landscape plants will thank us. At least I hope they will.

And no, I did not spend the entire week with my feet up.

New walkway. #workitwednesday

We also put in a new stepping stone sidewalk from the driveway to the front door. Twice. Heh.

Truth is that we had it mostly completed and level and it looked really nice. And then we turned on the water for the plants and Captain Chaos got involved and by the end half of the walkway had the sand and dirt washed out from under it.

And then we re-did that section. Or really Party Boy did.

And then it rained and rained and rained. And because we were waiting on the last stone delivery it got washed out. Again. So we’ll probably re-do that section again.

I will say that I would highly recommend this product for anyone to use, but it’s meant to be placed on a yard. With grass. And there should be very little leveling involved. We don’t have any grass there yet and because of the nature of our dirt we had to dig out and use cushion sand so the walkway wouldn’t look bad.

Hydrangea. #spring #lovely


We planted new stuff in our flowerbeds. This is the first house I have lived in that has a north facing front yard, which means we need to use some different plants than we’re used to. The picture above is of the hydrangeas that we put in that are also accompanied by azaleas. We’ll see how it turns out. The other areas are filled with Mexican Heather and  Lantana – both native to Texas and known to us as well. They do well in sun and heat, of which we have a lot.

And that folks, is how I spent my week. Hard physical labor and exhaustion, culminating in a celebration of the risen Lord. It was and is good.


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