Spring Adventures


I love spring-time adventures.

Last Monday Party Boy called me and asked if I wanted to go to Austin. Um, duh. Yes! I love Austin. I love road trips. I love breaks in routine!

So on Tuesday, we did our normal thing. I didn’t tell the kids what was going on, just quietly packed an overnight bag for each of them. Then at 3 I ordered everyone into the truck and we took off.

I think we were a full 2 hours into the trip before one of them asked where we were going. That sheds some light onto how long it can take to get places locally!

Anyway, it was then that I told them. Chaos and Hollywood were all “YAY! WOO-HOO! We get to stay in a hotel! Yay!”

MOTS was all, “whatever. Do they have wifi?”

I had great plans to get a few pictures of the beautiful hill country scenery, except that it poured down rain the whole trip. And I couldn’t see the countryside.

We rolled into Austin about dinner and decided to go try out the Salt Lick Barbecue. It was so good.

Then it was on to the hotel.

And the indoor pool, that was supposed to be heated, but wasn’t.

Hotel pool.

But was still the highlight of the trip.

And as these things go we turned around Wednesday morning and headed back.

The kids loved it. They love anything that’s a break from routine. Honestly, I do too. Little adventures are just what the doctor ordered.


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