Skylanders | What Nobody is Talking About.

The bright flourescent lights flicker and buzz quietly. Muted sounds emanate from nearby televisions.

And my 5-year-old chatters on and on about powers, talents, weapons, and abilities.

We are standing in front of a display of small action figures called Skylanders. They’re extra special because when you put them on to the portal that attches to your gaming system they come to life in a video game world.


And Captain Chaos is standing here – dutifully looking at every package, trying to choose so carefully where he will allocate his very own money that he has saved just for this. Just for new Skylanders.


And when he had finally narrowed it down to the three Skylanders that he wanted we headed over to price check them, just in case. It was there that I noticed that they had a tiny label on the corner of their boxes. And that tiny label indicated that the Skylanders that he had picked out were not compatible with his game.

Cue a mini-mommy-meltdown.

Once I had gathered my wits about me I took on the monumental task of explaining to my small boy that these figures wouldn’t work.


Which was quite confusing because they were still in the box, so clearly not broken. And they had worked just fine on the stores display portal. So, what’s the problem Mom? Yeah. That conversation didn’t go well, but we avoided tears and an all out tantrum, so WIN!


We went back to no man’s land the Skylanders aisle and this time, I took the lead in choosing our new friends. Turns out, our generation of the game is older. And because of this most of the available characters at the store were no longer compatible.

We did manage to find one box set of three character that were labelled to show they would work. Success!

But when we got home, one of the figures didn’t work. So I requested a new one, figuring it was defective. And it came today, less than a week later (customer service win). And it still didn’t work. And when I really dug down – read: checked on Amazon – and lo and behold the new packaging shows that the ONE Skylander that wasn’t working is incompatible.

Cue minor-mommy-meltdown.

I think Chaos is taking it better than I am.

Of course, he just asked to add the new Skylanders Giants game to his mile long birthday list. So, I guess he thinks it is just a matter of time.

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