What’s On Your….

via Ali Edwards. I love little lists like this. I especially love going back and reading them months later.

Here’s what’s on my…

VANITY | I have baby oil, Aveeno Exzema cream, some random cotton balls, little toys and my keys. Most all of my make-up and personal care items are stored in drawers, so it’s just stuff that’s too bulky for that. Also, you can tell that Captain Chaos has been there recently (the cotton balls and toys – I think it was “snowing”).

PERENNIAL TO DO LISTLaundry, finish the front walk, water the yard (depending on the rain that we are supposed to get), ironing, clearing the kitchen island.  

REFRIGERATOR SHELVESTwo different kinds of mixed salad greens, broccoli, grape tomatoes, sliced and shredded cheeses, turkey, mayo, mustard, leftover brisket, milk, OJ, eggs (5 dozen!), pickles, and a half bottle of cooking wine. 

ITINERARYA Kenny Chesney concert in May. A trip to Oklahoma in August. Camp, Vacation Bible School, and some day trips to the little lake beach that the kids love in between.

FANTASY ITINERARY | Anywhere in Europe. Washington, D.C. Disney (World or Land – doesn’t matter – I would visit either in a heartbeat). Hawaii. Tahiti. The Caymans. Anywhere with a beach and warm water. 

PLAYLISTThe Beatles, Fun, Mumford & Sons, Beyonce, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw

NIGHTSTANDNotbooks for different purposes, a one line journal, a tiny stuffed bear in need of repair, hair bands, charging station, clock, and lamp.  

WORKOUT PLAN | Couch to 5k. Again.  

IPHONE | A new TARDIS lock and home screen, Instagram, Instacast (podcasts), Instaweather, Sleep Cycle, Pixel People. I actually have a lot more, but these are my top used apps.

TOP 5 LIST | Talking to Party Boy at the end of the day, meals with friends, good meals (planning, cooking, enjoying), opening the mail, the smell of tomato plants.

BUCKET LISTPublish something, travel more, take a cross country road trip with no real plan, tour Europe, get certified as a Master Gardener.

MIND |  cleaning, finishing our mission project (I’ll reveal that on the blog tomorrow after it is revealed tonight at church), learning to can, stories to tell,  Project Life, learning to work the tractor/mower, house projects.  

BLOGROLL | Storylines (Donald Miller), Lifehacker, Ali Edwards, Karenika, Stuff Christians Like

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams. It is the paint throughout the house, except for the kids rooms, which each have their own color. It’s a nice, warm neutral that home stagers recommend if you’re selling a house. I love it.

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENTTarget (ahem.), Dollar Tree, groceries, and Sonic. I think these are on every statement.

SCREENSAVER | Don’t have one. I should look into this.

TV EVERY NIGHT | Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, Elementary. See a theme?

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