My Life Be Like….

Just a brain dump of goings on that I want to remember….

Criminal Minds… I think we are going to have to find another syndicated show to stalk as we seem to have seen all episodes of Criminal Minds now. This makes me sad. And makes me look forward to fall when a new season starts.

I misspelled “minds” and the suggested fix was “maids.” I think Criminal Maids is both terrifying and hilarious.

Book Hangover… I just finished a great book and I have a bit of a book hangover. You know how it is when you fall in love with the characters and you wish they were real and you could go visit them? Yeah. That happened today. I’ll share about the book later this week.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter… Okay. I will own it. I liked this movie more than I thought I would. There’s some plot holes and some lingering questions, but overall, it was a fun, campy movie.

Garden Goodies… Overnight, the squash went crazy. So we will have a nice squash casserole for dinner. Our favorite neighbor, LA, also came out and dug up a half-dozen giagantic onions to supplement our fresh veggies. I can hardly wait. And I’ll have recipes up later. Might even have to do “squash week.” Maybe.

Burn Notice… All of our favorite shows have season finale-d off the DVR, so we went back to Netflix, and back to season 5 of Burn Notice. I think our next binge TV adventure shall be Arrested Development. We finished season 5 on Netflix and jumped over to season 6 on demand. Because season 7 starts in a few days and it’s the last season. Which makes me sad, but I have to watch and see what happens to Michael, Fiona, Sam, Jesse, and Madeline. <sniff>

Grillin’… Delicious. Steak and sausage. Best. Dinner. Evah. I absolutely love summer for the outdoor cooking.

Planning… We have lots going on this summer. And next fall. Always looking ahead. Planning school, Bible Study, summer activities, vacation. Always planning. And still trying to be in the moment and enjoying this present season of relaxation.



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