Project Life 2013 | Weeks 18 + 19

I looked up the other day and realized that it was the middle of June. How does that even happen? It’s summer. The days are supposed to be longer, lazier, and yet somehow I find myself even more busy now than during the school year.

Week 18


I didn’t take too many pictures this week. Just part of the ebb and flow of {Project} Life, I guess. I can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t have taken more pictures. I just didn’t. Sometimes I feel like I get into a photo slump and just don’t feel like taking out the camera or the phone or whatever. It’s okay. I just went with a template for fewer pictures.


The weather was so weird that week. Crazy record-setting low temperatures, swinging back to pleasantly low spring-like weather that’s just plain unusual for our area! Oh, and in a state of domesticity I made a loaf of banana bread.


Lots of salad at the end of this week. And that weird looking blobby photo is from the carwash. It just looked pretty.

Week 19


Only sharing the left side of this week’s spread. The right side has some personal stuff on it, and just needs to stay private. But I love, love, love the salad pictures. This may actually be one of my favorite spreads this year.

Products I Used

Seafoam Edition Simple Solids Machine Stitches v.2 LIP Kit: Modern Mama

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