Life, Liberty and Being 36

I turned 36 on Saturday. Not really a milestone birthday, if you will, but, every birthday deserves to be celebrated, right? So, in honor of turning 36, here’s 36 things that happened/I learned in the last year:

1. We built and moved into a new house on a larger lot. It’s been a learning experience, all of it. From the construction process to managing mowing and gardening a large lot. And while I haven’t exactly loved every minute of it I do feel incredibly blessed to have experienced it. And I feel like we have a handle on it. For the moment, anyway.

2. I love notebooks. I’ve fought the obsession for years. I bought my first Moleskine notebooks this year and I. Am. In. Love.

3. Under the right circumstances I really enjoy visiting the driving range. We go to Top Golf and have a good time every time.

4. My teeth are bad. They’re just bad. Fillings, a crown, and the fun’s not over yet! Going back next week to see if I need a filling replaced or another crown. It’s a strong possibility that I’ll have a mouth FULL of gold in the next few years. Ugh.

5. It does not matter what pressing items are on my to-do list. I can find an internet site to distract me. The MetaPicture and BuzzFeed serve me well in this regard.

6. I adore sushi. We ate it more while we were living with my parents (Hi Mom & Dad!) because there was a sushi place just 10 minutes from their house.

7. My parents are saints for hosting us for a year while we built this house. Can’t say it enough.

8. I learned all about Tabata workouts. It was an hour of sheer torture, but worth every minute. Weird.

9. I need to pay more attention to our family folklore. Those are the stories that we tell over and over. I take it for granted that everyone will remember these stories, but they likely won’t. So, I have started writing them down and/or scrapbooking them.

10. Nothing is quite as good as a Starbucks Frappuchino.

11. My love for the summer olympics remains strong. Though I do miss what I consider the “cleaner” coverage of my youth. You know, when we got to see the competition and not so many endless athlete profiles?

12. As a family, we collectively fell in love with The Avengers. It’s the only movie I can remember all of us seeing twice in theaters and we have watched it over and over on DVD. Greatest summer movie of all time.

13. Moving is never fun. Never. And no matter how much stuff you purge you will always need to purge more after you move.

14.  I love Project Life. Still. But I screwed up my page order and now am the proud owner of 2 incomplete albums. I’ll be completing the books with the next sale at Persnickety Prints – probably November?

15. So much can really be accomplished in 15 minute increments. But not ironing. I still have to carve out a chunk of time to complete that nonsense.

16. The paleo diet turned out to not work for us. We love meat and vegetables, but that as a permanent lifestyle change wasn’t really working. So we made some adjustments and have settled into a pattern of choices that work for us.

17. I feel better when I work out. I just do.

18. Tee-ball is an exceptionally fun sport to watch. The games are short and sweet and hilarious on so many levels.

19. Nothing quite compares with the imagination of a 5 year old.

20. There is a beauty to occasionally pulling over and picking a handful of wishing flowers.

21. Sometimes the best adventures are spur-of-the-moment. And all you really need to be happy is an indoor, heated, hotel pool. Ha!

22. BBC America hosts some of my very favorite shows. Doctor Who (though not as big a fan of the 11th Doctor. David Tennant will always have my loyalty) is now an all-time favorite. Looking to getting into Sherlock as well.

23. Chore sticks are the best Pinterest idea I have tried to date.

24. Television bingeing is inherently rewarding. Love discovering an awesome show on Netflix and then watching all of the old seasons one after another. Until you catch up and then have to watch one week at a time. *pout*

25. Swim meets are not inherently interesting. I love watching my own kids swim, but the other 223 swimmers? Not so much.

26. I have embraced my love of color in office supplies. My house still sports walls that are blessedly beige, but with no plans to change that, I do want to add some color with artwork and decor items. Still planning and researching.

27. Speaking of planning and research, it certainly paid off in the flowerbed department. We took our time putting in the beds up front after we moved in, despite heavy pressure from the bank to just throw something together. Watching the amount of sun and choosing native plants where possible has paid off in a huge way, though. So glad we resisted the pressure.

28. I finally quit chewing my nails off. The first few weeks were hard, and I still find myself aimlessly biting the corner of a nail occasionally. Usually when I am thinking or stressed. But, so far, so good.

29. Painting my nails is a lost cause. Working outside in the dirt equals chipped, crappy looking polish. <shrug>

30. I quit fighting it and now I just leave Photoshop open all the time.

31. It has taken 6 days to write this post. I had every intention of  putting this up no later than July 1. Oh well.

32. I started color coding my Bible. It has turned into an obsession. I read more carefully, and remember more of what I read. And I get to color in my Bible. Good stuff.

33. I need more hours in a day. Too much Pinterest inspiration, not enough time.

34. Sometimes people let you down. It happens. Move on and let it go.

35. Sometimes when you let go of past hurts something better will come along to take its place. Not always, but sometimes.

36. When the right book comes along it is totally okay to neglect everything else a read. Seriously.

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