Country Life Chronicles – Goats Followed Me Home

“Let’s go for a walk!” he said.

“It’ll be fun!” he said.

Well, it was for the most part. We live in a neighborhood that is slightly more countrified and while we aren’t ranchers or out in the boonies, there is a bit more wild area around. So we decided to walk around the block, which according to The Google Maps is about a mile.

But then we got distracted because there is a park a little further down the side street and from the park is a nature trail that goes out to the lake. So we walked back there. And I fretted about snakes the whole time. But it was beautiful and so worth the extra walking.


The highlight of our little side trip was Chaos going on and on about NATURE! We saw some deer out by the lake and he screamed “LOOK! NATURE!” and scared them away. Then went on and on about how we should go out and see more nature more often.


I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

After we admired the view for a few minutes I pressed to go back home, because stumbling down a four-wheeler track through a mini-forest in the dark is not my idea of a fun time. So, the boys finally caved and we started back.

We got back on the road that completes out block and as we were walking past one of the houses noticed that some people were out in front. They had what I initially thought were medium sized dogs with them, off leash. But as we got closer we realized that they were three really small goats. And Chaos exclaimed, “NATURE!”

Party Boy and I thought that they must belong to those neighbors.

As we got closer the goats came away from the house to the street to greet us, and we thought that was pretty cute. I vaguely heard one of the women up by the house say, “Watch, the goats will follow them now.”

I didn’t think anything of it, just figured she’d come get her goats if they tried to walk off with us.

After we pet the sweet little goats and Chaos had his fill we started on down the street. And the goats followed.

Went for a walk and got followed home by three Nubian goats. #countrylife

And nobody came after them.

I thought it was weird. SHouldn’t the neighbor lady be chasing down her goats?

But when I looked outside the neighbors had disappeared into their house. Ummmmmm….

It started out as funny. “Hahahahaha! The goats are following us home!”

And then, “Uh. The goats are following us home.”


To our home with no backyard or facilities for keeping three sweet, small goats.

We got home and set out some water for them, but they were more interested in eating the landscaping than proper hydration.

Never in my life did I imagine that I would look at my husband and say, “Goats. What do we do with the goats?”

Only now I fely mildly responsible for them. So we stood around staring at each other and asking passing neighbors if they knew who the goats might belong to. Nobody did.

Eventually we decided that they might be accepted at the homestead around the corner. They keep llamas, chickens, and other assorted creatures, so maybe they could shelter the goats until their owner could be located.

The kids and I started off down the street and the goats, herd animals that they are, serenely followed.

As we got a block over Party Boy pulled up in the truck and we all hopped in. I really thought that the goats would just shrug their little goat shoulders and go to munching the grass nearby, but they didn’t.

Oh no. It couldn’t be that easy now could it?

They first tried blocking the truck from moving forward while looking confused. Then as we rolled forward they moved, but started trotting along behind. And as we picked up speed they panicked.

“Oh, you are leaving in that large beast? Let me sing you the song of my people!”

The goats were sprinting down the street. Screaming at the top of their lungs.


And when the kids saw this they all started crying. Big, gulping sobs in the back seat. Screaming goats outside.

We turned the corner and the goats hesitated. We thought they would just stop there, but no! More sprinting and screaming.

At this point, we realized we could get them to the homestead by just driving slowly and letting the goats follow. So we were hanging out the windows calling the goats and they’re running down the street after us.

And then they just stopped.

Because a lucky (or unlucky) neighbor had walked out into his driveway as the goats ran by.

The goats forgot all about us and immediately headed over to charm this new human protector. We all breathed a sigh of relief since we didn’t have to worry about the goats anymore and we drove home. The last I saw of them they were following the nice man into his garage.

Really it was more adventure than I ever expected from a simple evening stroll. Ahhhhh, country life.

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