Gone Fishin’



It’s been a busy summer of not being too busy.

If that makes any sense at all.

At the beginning of the summer I made a promise to myself to try and be a little more active. A little more present. A little more free this summer.

And then, I did just that.

This summer we…

…went to our church’s inaugural family camp.

…raised over 30 pounds of tomatoes, 10 pounds of squash, and a handful of beans. The okra are still coming in.

…sent Party Boy and MOTS on mission trips to Shreveport and NYC.

…celebrated my birthday.

…worked our church’s Vacation Bible School (in crafts, where else?)

…started a Bible study with 3 very good friends that continues to stretch me and make me see things differently.

…hand lettered 50 giant cardboard signs for camp

…attended church camp

…marvelled at needing a jacket and umbrella at camp. In Wichita Falls. In July.

…got two new crowns. Ugh.

…went to a Texas Rangers game (celebrating Dairy month at the Ballpark – don’t ask)

…tried a new frozen yogurt place

…rekindled my love of friendship bracelets

…attended a black light party

started color-coding my Bible

…adopted some goats for an evening

…found a hidden trail to the lake behind our house

…learned how to dehydrate cherry tomatoes in my oven

…spent afternoons at the lake beach

…ate salads from a jar

…did some scrapbooking (of course)

…got my very first fishing license

…went fishing for the first time in a long time

…tried new shakes and drinks from Sonic

…used my little lawn tractor sprinkler to (barely) keep the lawn alive

…used my big tractor to mow the lawn back down

…grilled. A lot.

…took bunches of pictures. All on my phone.

…saw one of the Perseid meteors. Very excited for that!

…discovered that I love, love, love watching Jimmy Fallon

…learned how to use Keynote like a pro.

…used Twitter a little more. Facebook a little less.

…got addicted to Candy Crush

…learned a new way to play Ultimate Frisbee

…attended a swim meet

…bought new school books for this year

…planned the 2013-2014 school year for both home school (by myself) and Bible Study (with help)

…learned to make salsa fresca

…caught up on several TV shows. Better living through re-runs


And that’s what I did this summer. Instead of blogging. It was a great summer, but it’s almost over. And with a new school year comes a new routine and hopefully a new routine that includes time for blogging and storytelling and reflection.

XOXO Summer. It’s been great.



One thought on “Gone Fishin’

  1. PandaMom says:

    Yay!!!!! Finally. ; )

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