Hello October.

In all of my reading (don’t get any ideas, these days I stick to my assigned Bible Study reading, magazines, and blogs, and the books I read for the kids schoolwork) I recall reading that habits are formed in 30 days. And 10,000 hours of something makes you an expert.

I probably have a long way to go on becoming a blogging expert, but the habit of blogging in this space could be established by Halloween. And so, I am resolving to set aside a bit of time each day for the month of October and make a habit of writing here again.

I know I have made vague promises of returning before in the past few months, but never a solid measurable goal. And that I think was my error. That and deciding that my life isn’t interesting enough to write about. But that’s not true either. There’s something interesting in every day. Something.


So, we wished September a fond farewell yesterday. And here are the scrapbook pages completed last month.

Project Life – June

At this point I decided that I just wanted life documented. And the time simply isn’t there right now to scrap a week at a time. So I picked up where I left off and will do a month in review style layout each month. I like how June turned out, and I am really looking forward to scrapping August and September now, instead of feeling overwhelmed (which was the whole point of Project Life, right?)



Project Life – July



Not So Scary

I think the thing I am most pleased about in this layout is that picture. Y’all. That was taken in 2000 with my very first digital camera. It was probably a 2 megapixel. And the color was awful. But I fixed it using Erin Cobb’s Clean Color class. Yay!


Hand-Me-Down Names


Cooler Days Ahead



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