Currently | October 2, 2013


…to a fascinating documentary about Samurai Japan. Hearing a little boy assembling an army of Lego Mini-Figures in the windowsill behind me. The scritch-scritch of a pencil on paper.


…salted caramel frosted cookies that I found at Target last night. I am helpless against salted caramel anything.


…coffee with vanilla creamer. Water. Naturally sweetened cola. More water.


…work-out shorts and a t-shirt. I have to mow the lawn and these are the clothes most appropriate for messy, grimy, sweaty work.


…rather accomplished lately. Got the pantry organized last week. It’s been close, but I think I finally got it to maximum productivity. Cleared off a trouble spot in the kitchen and cleaned out the accompanying junk drawer.


…is feeling fall-ish. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. I am back to drinking hot coffee in the mornings, which Party Boy says is the surest way to know that winter is coming. More reliable than the Starks of Westoros. Heh.


…to get some major projects knocked off the to-do list. Lack of time. Lack of motivation. Lack of interest. But fall always makes me want to get things done.


…to paint the inside of the girls desk components. Clean out the storage room. Again.


…about what we might do this weekend. And trying not to overplan or overbook us.


…these few moments of peace to jot down some notes on what we’re doing.



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