Sometime last month we (Party Boy and I) determined that the garden was done. D.O.N.E. Even the okra had stopped producing. Upon this determination Party Boy asked me to pull out the tomato cages so he could mow down the vegetation and till it up.

Later that week I ventured out and managed to dislodge three of the eight cages and I stacked them up on the back porch. The others wouldn’t budge. Not even a little bit.

Party Boy just rolled his eyes when I told him. I know he thought I was just being lazy.

And then he went out and tried to pull them himself. They wouldn’t budge.


So he hooked up the chain to the tractor and dragged them out that way. Only he left them out by the garden in mangled piles of what used to be tomato cages. Not neatly stacked. Like mine.

I went out to mow and the cages were still there. Not stacked neatly. Like mine.

So I started picking the pieces up and stacking them in the garden so I wouldn’t mow over them and break the mower.

And as I grabbed the last cage, four gigantic snakes slithered away.

Okay, the biggest one was only about 2 foot long, but still.

I might have screamed. I might have thrown a tomato cage at the snake family.

I might have jumped on the tractor and I might have thrown it in gear and tried to run down the snakes.

And I might have screamed all the way back up to the house (but you wouldn’t have heard me over the mower).

And when I relayed the story to Party Boy he definitely laughed.

And then he definitely admitted that he probably would have done the same thing.

And I for sure came inside and looked up what kind of snakes they were. And I am pretty sure they were rat snakes.

And then I totally decided that Party Boy can check the garden for any leftover pieces of tomato cage.



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