Mother Nature Strikes Back

Party Boy had today off work. Which was awesome.

He called yesterday before his flight home Thursday to ask if we’d be interested in going camping. I thought it sounded like fun (which was my first mistake) so said, “Sure!”

We made a quick shopping list and I headed out to the grocery store.

Chaos was super-excited and took the lead in the shopping excursion.

“Mommy we need powdered donuts and Big Red! That’s what we always take camping!”

He’s been camping with Party Boy exactly one time before, so clearly that constitutes a camping tradition. Nevertheless, we picked up the necessities and went home to pack.

Loaded up the car with camping equipment. Then we rearranged the camping equipment to make room for the kids.

With excitement (except for MOTS) we rolled out for the state park that 20 minutes or so away.

{Here is where I should mention that we aren’t regular campers. We just haven’t ever been campers. So, this is a pretty new experience for all of us.}

We got checked in and found our campsite pretty easily. Unloaded the car and Party Boy and I immediately started to set up the tent. The kids tore into the food. We had the tent half set-up when I ad to go break up a fight over the giant bucket of cheese balls. We eat healthy when we camp, y’all.

Got the sausages on the grill when we realized that nobody brought any grill tools. Or plates. Or paper towels. or utensils of any kind.

We did have a pocket knife! So we used that to get the sausages off the grill and into the buns and just ate standing up.

We really wanted to do s’mores, but, {SURPRISE!} we didn’t have anything to cook the marshmallows with. We tried sticks, but they were all the crumbly kind of wood, so they would just disintegrate and dump the marshmallows into the fire.

It probably didn’t help that the only marshmallows we were able to find were the giant orange pumpkin-shaped vanilla flavored monstrosities. We resorted to stacking the s’mores and putting them on the grill. It thoroughly cooked the graham cracker on bottom and fully melted the chocolate, but didn’t affect the marshmallows one bit. So…..

After cleaning up (except the one sausage that fell in the coals) we headed to the tent to get some sleep.

45 minutes later we heard movement outside the tent. Party Boy sat up and shone the flashlight out and lit up a skunk not 6 feet from the tent door. With its tail up.


Thankfully it never did spray. But later, when I heard a sound very close to my end of the tent I sat up and looked out. I could make out a small creature near the tent, and I was just fine with that until the blasted thing started running right at me/the tent.

At that point I jumped over Chaos, who was asleep next to me and climbed over Party Boy, who jumped up and lit up the outside, revealing a raccoon the size of a Buick looking into the tent. I think the crazed shrieking must have scared him though because he took off running.

After that I think we all fell asleep. Sort of. The kids slept pretty good, but Party Boy and I were up off and on throughout the night. Strange noises + sleeping on the ground + kids that thrash around in their sleep equals not the most restful night of sleep ever.

When morning finally {FINALLY!} came we all got up and broke camp, then went over to the fishing pier. Using bits of bacon Party Boy and each of the girls caught some small perch. By that point Chaos had lost patience with fishing and we had walked over to the playground.

It’s weird, but I really think camping was a positive thing for us. Misadventures aside, we had a good time. And I think it will get easier if we go out more often. And remember utensils and stuff…


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