Television Junkie Report

I am a television junkie. I love the fall because I love the start of new television shows. I also love it when my old favorites come back. But, I don’t love sitting on pins and needles to find out if a show I fall in love with will make it a full season.

Anyway, we are a few weeks into the new fall season 2013, so, here’s what’s on the DVR this fall:

Blue Bloods

I fell in love with this show a couple of seasons ago. I love the family and the values and the struggle to do the right thing.

Hawaii 5-0

It’s set in Hawaii. Beaches. Sun. Car chases.


Jonny Lee Miller is a favorite actor of mine and when I saw that he was in a show remixing the Sherlock Holmes story? I tuned in and got hooked.

Sleepy Hollow

I remember this story from Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow cartoon that we watched at elementary school every October. I wasn’t convinced when I first heard that it was becoming a show, but a few episodes in and it’s a favorite. I look forward to it every week.


Binge watched the first 5 seasons a couple of years ago and stuck with it since. My favorite character is Sweets.

The Blacklist

My friends peer pressured me into this one. Not sold yet.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.EL.D.

I like it. I am waiting for it to gel. But I am in love with the idea!

Survivor: Blood vs. Water 

Our favorite season was season 2. I think this is season 22 and the first one I have enjoyed since the second season.

Criminal Minds

Another that I binge watched, caught up, and am still loving.

The Michael J. Fox Show

This one surprised me. But so far, so good. And it always makes me laugh.

The Walking Dead

This one comes back next week and we can not wait!


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