Conclave 2013

Student Ministry. It’s a passion, y’all.

Party Boy and I have been in student ministry for 12 years now. 12 years! And while it sometimes wears me down, makes me sad, worries me, and makes me feel like all is lost, I love it.

We (me and a couple of other student ministry peeps) went to a local conference this week. I was unsure at first, because this conference seemed more targetted to the Student Minister type. The kind that get paid and do this full time. Not so much for us, the volunteer type.

But it was very, very good.

Two days, two free t-shirts, a 6-inch high stack of brochures, 2 free bags, 12 pages of notes, and a foam basketball later, I am charged up and ready to go again. Just when the mid-semester blahs were setting in.

You’d think they planned it that way….

We learned about all kinds of stuff – technology, new ways to teach, things to avoid, and meeting people where they are. Some things I already knew, but it was good to be reminded. Some things were new to me and eye-opening. Some things I initially rolled my eyes at, but have at least considered trying.

It was a good use of time and energy (I was in bed by 8:30 both nights). I am ready for the rest of the year.



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