Long Days

It seems like all the days are long now. Probably because the daylight hours are getting shorter.

I am usually up before the sun, though that will change when we finally set our clocks back. I hit the ground running. Breakfast and coffee, meet with God, start the laundry and prep the schoolwork.

Wake the kids. This is probably my least favorite part of the day. They are all very much NOT morning people (like me). They would sleep til noon, given the option (like me).

But, once they are up and about they cheer up pretty quickly.

This week things are a little different. We are in full blown Halloween prep mode here.

I spent yesterday late afternoon hunched over the miter saw on the garage floor cutting 2×4’s down for a craft at church. Then using the ancient, heavy finish sander to smooth off the splinters and rough edges. I didn’t finish – that will happen today – but, I made good progress.

I bought way more tulle last night at HobLob than I ever thought I would. But, I have a Bo Peep tutu (for me – don’t laugh!) and a little mermaid tutu (for MOTS) to craft. Those will get finished tonight, I am sure. Then it’s on to finishing out the costumes for everyone else. No, Party Boy and I don’t Trick-or-Treat, but we do dress up for our church’s annual Trunk-or-Treat.

It’s a constant blur of motion – scissors cutting, kids reading, sanders buzzing, math in the driveway, bicycles squeaking (where’s the WD-40), keyboard clicking, laundry swishing, pots clanking, kids crying, dishwasher swishing, doors closing (sometime too hard), TV running, phone ringing, broom sweeping, water running, someone’s yelling, dryer buzzing, refrigerator opening, parents sighing, paper rustling, radio blaring.

It’s chaos from sun-up to well past sunset. And I love every minute of these long days.


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