Weekend Snapshot | October 26-27

It was a gloriously busy weekend.

Party Boy’s grandmother celebrated her 85th birthday with a surprise party. Well worth the 2 hour drive out to see all of his family, including cousins that we haven’t seen in over 11 years.

Seriously, our oldest girls are 3 weeks apart and they were 18 months old the last time we got together. Shameful. It is a goal to change that, and soon. Maybe a yearly reunion is in order?

The party and driving to and from took up the bulk of Saturday. And when we got home it was full-on finishing of costumes for the Fall Festival on Sunday.

A costume in the making and the inspiration. By the way, I do not like hot glue. #halloween2013

I have a serious aversion to hot glue. I always wind up with burned fingers, but since the felt absorbed the fabric glue I had no choice.

The final product turned out super cute!

Jesse the Cowgirl. #halloween2013

More importantly, Hollywood loved her Jesse costume. She can’t wait to wear it again later this week.

We also wrapped up the ballerina take on Ariel:

The Little Mermaid. @sydneyrisher

And a police officer/sheriff/Texas Ranger.

Texas Ranger. #halloween2013

Which was not what he wanted to be because he changed his mind 42 times all the way up to Sunday. But it worked out, and he got a bunch of candy, so, he ended up happy.

After the festival we went out to dinner, since all of the adults were too tired to cook. Or think.

What is it about weekends that leaves me soooooo tired?


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