30 Days of Thankful | November 1


Thankful for this guy because…

…he works so hard. Seriously, he works hard at work and then comes home and works hard here too. He builds furniture, and works in the yard, and just attends to anything we need at the moment.

…he tolerates, and sometimes even enables my insane love of all things Christmas. The man bought and assembled a giant tree today. On November 1.

…he loves to watch movies and TV (just like me). We may not love all of the same shows, but that’s what the DVR is for.

…he keeps me working out. He checks on me and asks how workouts are going (even when their not going at all).

…he loves our kids.

…he laughs at my jokes. Even the ones that aren’t super funny. But he always waits and fakes that he won’t laugh just to see me get frustrated. And I fall for it every time!

…he teaches me things about the stock market. Over and over and over again. Because I can’t ever remember.

…he is my very best friend.


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