December Daily 2013 | December 1

If I can take a moment to step off of the bullet train that is heading to the end of 2013. I am trying very hard to be intentional about my scrapbooking, my celebrations, and my outlook this holiday season. Trying hard to not let the month get away from me, while also preparing for the inevitable month getting away from me.

I was working on this on Monday I was reflecting on pages from years past and remembering how much I really love this project. I love having this little window to look back on holidays past.



December 1 – Left


December 1 – Right



And I’d like to take a minute to brag on my kids too. MOTS had a solo in this program and the girl has a gift. I know I’m her mom, but seriously, she was really, really good. I wish she had been able to sing a little longer good. Party Boy took video on his phone, and when I get it uploaded I’ll post it here. Really good.

And Hollywood and Captain Chaos were entertaining in their own ways – dancing and being crazy expressive on stage. It was fun to see them all up there enjoying themselves during the program.


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