December Daily 2013 | Day 3 + 4

I feel like I am losing my mind. We have been icd into the house since Thursday night. Going a little crazy. While it’s nice to be home guilt-free because all of our activities have cancelled for the weekend, we’re just not used to being iced in for this long. Usually we get a little ice and it lasts a day or maybe a day and a half, and then the streets are passable and life returns to normal.

Not this time. Oh, no. Temps that haven’t gotten above freezing for three days have kept us frozen into a winter wonderland he!!. The kids have been dealing well, playing outside and inside off an on. Watching TV, playing games, and one (I’ll let you guess which) spent 5 hours curling her hair.

On the upside I have had time to work on my December Daily…






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