December Daily 2013 | Day 5 + 6

It is day 4 of Icemageddon 2013. We slipped out to Wal-Mart yesterday late afternoon for all the good it did. The 18-wheelers are parked along the sides of the highway, so no deliveries had been made and most shelves were bare. No bread, no milk, no orange juice, no apples. No ice cream? It was a good lesson on scarcity, I think. There were a lot of people there – maybe some doing regular weekly shopping – but some had some weird combinations of items all loaded up.

“I don’t know what I will make with pinto beans and sardines, but I feel compelled to buy everything I can get my hands on.”

We were there mainly to get out of the house. We did pick up some junk food though. And fruit. They were out of frozen pizza, so we go pizza rolls. And since all of the regular sized oranges were gone we got Cuties instead. It was a weird trip to say the least.


Cute package toppers – Candy Canes, polished hemp twine, bells, hot glue. So, so easy.


That’s how we do sledding around here.



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