December Daily 2013 | Day 7 + 8

I am sitting here listening to the magical sounds of water streaming off of the roof and large chunks of ice smashing into the ground creating piles of slush.


It is downright warm today.


Well, warmer than it has been, and the sun is out full-strength. I think the ice days are done and we will be able to get out and about again.


This is the plant right next to my front porch. Completely coated in a thick layer of ice. It sits right underneath where the water drips off the roof by the porch, so it caught all of the freezing rain starting Thursday afternoon and then every drip off the porch during the slight daytime thaws. I hope it survives.


The sun made a short appearance on Sunday afternoon. It warmed the paved surfaces enough that we were able to shovel the driveway.


That was so. much. work.








HAHAHAHA! Just Kidding!


The tractor provided some snow plow services for the driveway and the road in front of our house. We just cleaned up the stuff leftover with the shovels. You didn’t really think we shoveled the whole thing, did you?




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