End of an Era

Yesterday, I opened Facebook in a manner completely unrelated to reading anything on Facebook. I was trying to sign-in for something else, and when the screen flashed to my home page I saw that I had a message. I concluded my business elsewhere and then popped back over to Facebook to see what was in my inbox.

To my horror is was a message about the death of a high school classmate.

The news spread like wildfire in hushed private messages until a public announcement was made. It was a bittersweet day in my feed as many memories were shared and we gathered digitally to remember the life of a man that we had all loved for a short time almost 20 years ago.

And we did love him. He was our friend. A leader. A kind smile almost all the time. He was one of the few young men that I knew that had the courage to talk about spiritual matters. He never let pass an opportunity to ask about the most important of matters – your relationship with God.

I still have the small gift cross that he gave me in high school. I just remembered that. It’s in my jewelry box. He loved us and he loved Jesus. I hope that was still true.

While it feels like such a small thing, I hit my knees yesterday afternoon. For his parents. For his family. For his friends. For all of us.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Amen.


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