Friday Phone Dump

It’s been a long week. And a short week at the same time. I blame the weather. We’ve had some beautiful-throw-the-windows-open days that have me itching to be outside. And then the next day you wake up and it’s 12° and the last thing I want to do is even get out of my toasty warm bed.

Fun fact: last night was the first night I have ever slept with an electric blanket on all night. It was that cold.

Rubber band bracelets have taken over our house. #christmas2013

Rainbow looms have taken over our house. The girls are churning out bracelets at an alarming rate. Each with well-coordinated colors and beautiful, unique patterns. Hollywood has especially taken to it. She spends most of her free time hovering over an iPad, watching YouTube videos on how to create increasingly difficult patterns of bracelets. Given her struggles, this is an amazing thing. It means that we’ve made leaps and bounds of progress in spatial awareness, visual and auditory processing. Just watching her listen carefully and follow directions makes me so happy. And let’s not even talk about how she’s learning to deal with the natural frustration that comes from learning something new. It’s like she never struggled at all. Don’t get me wrong – there’s still struggles, but turning around to see how far we have come? Words can’t describe the happiness.

Little golf this afternoon. Beautiful day.

This boy. He’s growing up too fast. Where did my baby go??

We went to Top Golf not too lang ago and he was hitting golf balls 60 yards or farther. Accurately, even.  He even posted his high score to date! He loves schoolwork – especially reading, but math is okay too. He adores science (he wants to be a scientist when he grows up) and enjoys history.

He loves to help. With everything. Cooking, laundry, shopping, anything you ask. Except cleaning. He hates to clean.

He's tilling up a garden! #rishergarden2014 #newtractortoy

We knew after last years garden successes (and some failures) that we wanted a bigger plot this year. So we saved up and planned and went and bought a tiller attachment for the tractor. It was so worth it. Party Boy was able to till the entire garden – 3 passes – in about an hour and a half! And we didn’t even have to scrape the sod first. We just tilled it in. Oh, it was so nice…

Started onions in the garden today. A row of sweet onions and a row of purple onions. Also potatoes, but that's just a hill right now.


We couldn’t wait to get started in the garden, so Chaos and I drove into town and found a little feed store that had onion starts and seed potato. And we came home and planted them all. For those that are counting, that’s 200 onions and 35 potato plants. Hope you guys love onions and potatoes! Whatever we don’t eat we give away!

That is, of course, assuming that everything survives and thrives and actually produces. I’ll keep you informed.

Olaf!! #Frozen #DisneyStore

MOTS wanted a movie party for her birthday this year, so she and her friends went to see “Saving Mr. Banks.” While they were there I took Hollywood and a friend and Chaos to see “Frozen.” I told Party Boy later that this movie, more than any recent Disney release, took me back to the glory days of “Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Let’s be honest, any animated movie that can completely hold a 6-year-old boys attention through a second screening is an amazing movie. Five Stars amazing. Go see it.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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