I have been staring at the screen for several minutes now. Blank. Like me.

I haven’t reached the point of sleep deprivation yet where psychosis sets in, but I sometimes wonder how far off I could be. It’s the poison ivy – which in my opinion must be a product of the fall, because I can NOT see God having put that terrible plant in the Garden of Eden and then encouraging people to roam around unprotected.

At any rate, my sleepless nights follow a pattern now at least. I go to bed around 9:45. I have been falling asleep faster than usual, thanks to being exhausted. I wake up around 3:30 and toss and turn for a couple of hours. I’ll put on more itch medicine, sure. But the laying there kills me – I itch. And I want to scratch. And then I spend 2 hours convincing myself not to scratch.

Around 5:30 I fall back asleep (exhaustion) for a little bit until the alarm wakes me back up.

It’s not a good pattern at all. I’m just plain tired. And that makes for a lack of inspiration and creativity.

But the good news is that everything seems to be clearing up now, if only a little bit, and I am hopeful that within a week I might be back to uninterrupted sleep.

Then maybe I won’t be so blank?

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