Friday Phone Dump | Valentine’s Day Edition!

Okay, so not much of a phone dump, and then again, not on Friday. Sorry folks!

It’s been a better last half of the week, poison ivy wise. The itching finally died down enough to let me sleep through the night, which made all the difference in the world, really.

We made glurch. And learned about non-Newtonian substances. My 6-year-old boy is in heaven!

We made glurch. Glurch is a non-newtonian substance, and we followed this recipe. It was a great review of basics physics and was also seriously fun to play with. The kids have been messing with for a couple hours a day every day. I think it’s just the texture. But, what I really love is that it doesn’t make a big mess everywhere. It sticks to itself, but not to hands. And just FYI, if it gets into carpet or clothes a little vinegar apparently dissolves it.

Our very first trip to Bahama Bucks. Oh, we will be back.

Oh, Bahama Bucks. I held out for as long as I could. We drive by one on the way to swim every day, but I have never pulled in to try it. Because my memories of sno-cones growing up consisted of chunks of ice in a paper cup where the syrup all ran to the bottom and eventually dribbled out the bottom of the cone. Gross.

But on Thursday we had some time to kill before we headed out to swim, and nowhere to go, so I thought, HEY! My friend J.O. has been a few times (which I know because she has instagrammed it) and it looked pretty good, so why not.

Sweet mother of shaved ice, it. Is. So. GOOD.

We went back Friday.

I see many, many trips to Bahama Bucks in our summer future.



I also managed to get a couple of layouts done. Yay for the return of focus and creativity!


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