Around Here | February 20, 2014

Around here… the last four days feel like they have lasted a week and a half. Party Boy is travelling and it just so happens to be the week when everyone’s activities collided and left me driving everywhere, backtracking, fighting traffic, and just basically living in my car.

Around here… Captain Chaos has started soccer. Which is fun for him – lots of running around – and for me – 6 + under soccer is just fun to watch. Looking forward to our first game this weekend.

Around here… it’s been a hit-or-miss school week. And by that I mean school is being done, but attitude’s are sour and excuses are running rampant. And then the kids wake up. JUST KIDDING! sort of. Anyway, next week will be better, or at least has the potential!

Around here… the kids decided that they want to run a 5k this spring, and since I am the one at home to help them train, I am now training for a 5k. Again. Stop laughing. My mile time has gained 2 minutes off my best time, but we have run twice this week (with the kids complaining the whole time – too fast, too slow, too hot, too windy). I put in my headphones and pretend that they are strays just following me around the neighborhood. It will get better.

Around here… I have a very disappointed teenager. One of her favorite bands is playing a small venue show in town this spring and tickets went on pre-sale this morning, only to be promptly snatched up and re-listed on StubHub for 8 times the face value (and WAY out of our price range). We will try again tomorrow when the public sale starts, but I am not hopeful at all. And she will be crushed. Again. Thanks StubHub.

Around here… it hasn’t been all doom and gloom! The weather has been nice.

Around here… I had an extended bout of insomnia a couple of nights ago. On the plus side I did three loads of laundry and scrapped a page (that I’ll share tomorrow). Predictably, the insomnia struck on the night following our first run, which tells me my body was very angry and that’s its been too long.

Around here… I started cooking my very own breakfast sandwiches with egg whites, canadian bacon, and provolone cheese on an English muffin. They are delicious. Mickey D’s ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Around here… I found some new apps that I love – and that will get their very own post.

Around here… we finally made friends with the mailman. Have you ever seen the movie Funny Farm? No? Okay, so this couple buys a farm and the whole town is, shall we say, quirky. But the point is, the mailman is a psycho and drives by at top speeds and throws their mail on the lawn, laughing maniacally. While our mail has never been thrown on the lawn (I think) the speed and maniacal laughing are pretty close to what we experienced. Until lately. Now he drives slower, waves, and even waits at the end of the driveway when the kids are out to hand them the mail, sweetly dividing it up so everyone gets to carry some. I don’t know what happened, but I am thankful. And you should definitely watch Funny Farm. Hilarious.

Around here… I am looking forward to next week, when our copy of Thor: The Dark World arrives, and then March, when our copy of Frozen
will arrive. Funny that the two movie producing franchises that I love (Disney + Marvel) the most will both be delivering movies within a few weeks of each other. In other movie news I am anxiously awaiting the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past as well. Party Boy says I am a big comic book nerd. I am choosing to take that as a compliment. P.S. the amazon links are affiliate links, so I’ll get a little kickback if you buy – just FYI. Don’t feel obligated.

Around here… I am ready for a full night’s sleep and less spectacularly overbooked day tomorrow!


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