February 2014 Compendium

Watched, Read, and Listened

➛ Books: Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. I am working my way through this one – it’s a big book, and not an easy read. Taking it in chunks. I was interested to learn more about the Rockefeller’s since visiting 30 Rock in New York. Fascinating family.

➛ Television: True Detective, Walking Dead, and not much else thanks to the Winter Olympics. Didn’t watch any of that – I much prefer the summer games.

➛ Movies: Insidious (watched from behind my hands), Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Home Run, Insidious: Chapter 2 (from behind my phone), Thor: The Dark World

Fun Stuff

➛ Did a citywide version of Where’s Waldo? with the student ministry.

➛ Helped coordinate a 2-week Shark Tank for our Bible Study.

➛ Made glurch with the kids.

➛Started Chaos in soccer (he loves it!)

➛ Helped serve lunch at the local college Baptist Student Mission

➛ Went to Top Golf. Again!

Milestones, Holidays, and Special Events

➛ We had a couple of family birthdays this month.

➛ My grandparents came into town and we got to spend an evening with them.

The Everyday

➛ We totally got a taste of spring, which makes the return of winter that much more bitter.

➛ Got a contractor for Party Boy’s workshop – now getting permits, etc. lined up.

➛ Went to Bahama Buck’s 2 days in a row. It is so good….

➛ Went to the dentist myself and got a great report – everything looks good!

A Favorite Photo or Layout



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