Currently | March 17, 2014

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day and I do this rainbow style, I thought it would be fun to document the day. Sorry though – there’s no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!


…to the sound of little feet kicking bleacher seats, quietly playing electronic sound effects, splashing water, quiet chatting. We’re at the natatorium for practice tonight.


…nothing at the moment. Thinking about dinner – something simple and fast – probably sandwiches and vegetables.


…again, nothing. I try to travel light to practice.


…jeans, a t-shirt (with some green) and my Toms. Hair’s up. Sunglasses on head. It gets really hot in the natatorium, so it can be a challenge to dress for the weather outside while not suffocating inside later.


…satisfied. I have much to do this week. And every time I turn around there’s something else on the list of must-do’s, but I feel good.


…seems to finally be changing. Maybe. Hopefully. Today started chilly, but got warm, and the temps for the rest of the week seem to be nice and comfortable. I am hoping hard that we have finally said good-bye to winter for a while!


…to start planting. I was sorely tempted this last weekend to start, but the soil is still too cold. I don’t think the seeds would grow – I think they’s rot and that would be a waste of perfectly good seeds. So I stuffed down that deep desire to work soil and instead cleared out the front flower beds for spring.


…nothing at the moment.


…about the natural give and take that’s required to just exist these days. The constant dealing with others who always seem to want something. How good fences really do make good neighbors.


…the winding down of another Monday. Feeling accomplished. Having enough. The prospect of some quiet downtime later.


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