Love The Drive

I don’t like driving. I am a certified homebody – happiest in my space. But, lately I have been loving the drives that I have to make.

I know that sounds weird.

I think it boils down to choosing to make the best of a necessary chore. Like laundry means being fortunate enough to have clothes, driving means having a working vehicle and a place to go.

But it has become more than that. It has become a sanctuary for me.

We live 20 minutes from church and 30 minutes from the natatorium (it’ll be closer to 20 minutes when the new pool opens this summer!), so plenty of time in the car. I used to resent the time spent as time wasted, but instead have found a way to make that time work for me, via Instacast and a great line-up of podcasts.

With a solid 20-30 minutes a drive I can get deep into a podcast and really enjoy it on every drive while the kids entertain themselves (usually) quietly in the back seat.

So, here’s what I am listening to:

* The Paperclipping Roundtable – this is the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. A weekly discussion of scrapbooking and paper crafts. I love it even though I am a digital scrapper and I always find something inspiring in each show. Also, MOTS loves Izzy – to the point that he didn’t talk in one episode and she “felt ripped off.”

* The Digi Show – This one is all about digital scrapbooking, so really in my wheelhouse. I love that they regularly cover techie topics too, but not so deeply that it’s hard to understand.

* The DIS Unplugged – I get news and updates on all the happening at Disney World and Disney in general from this podcast. It’s nice, because they separate out their news show from their feature show, so I can listen to the news only if I want or just the feature story. They also do their podcast as a live video stream – I am hoping to catch that one week!

* Mars Hill Bible Church – The sermons from Mars Hill delivered fresh every week.

* Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me! – NPR’s quiz show on current events recorded every Saturday. I love hearing about current events and laughing at the same time!

* The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd – I downloaded this one accidentally and my kids LOVE IT. Recorded old-school radio style, each episode is about 4 minutes long and full of humor and puns and just plain fun!

* This American Life – In-depth human interest stories. Always interesting.

* On The Media – Different angles on current news stories. I don’t watch much of the news anymore – a little in the morning to get the weather and traffic for Party Boy. I skim the Wall Street Journal at breakfast. I don’t tune to 24-hour news except under the most dire of circumstances. This podcast does some in-depth analysis of important stories and some even more obscure stories.

So, there you go! These podcasts make driving entertaining, informative, and sometimes even fun.

I listen to podcasts through Instacast, a podcast manager for iDevices, connected to my car radio via bluetooth. But, I have also plugged my phone into a $20 portable speaker from Target. Whatever works…

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