That time that Uncle Si’s look-alike delivered our fence.

Party Boy ordered a vinyl fence, post and rail, to be delivered. So, the night before the expected delivery he was calling me from the airport to see if I had heard anything – I hadn’t. A while later my phone rings, and the conversation goes a little like this:

Me: Hello?

Duck Dynasty Delivery Guy:  Howdy. I’m delivering your fence tomorrow.

Me: Oh good! We were wondering about that…

3DG: How you gonna unload this stuff anyway?

Me: Ummmmm… A little bit at a time, I guess. Not sure how it is packaged?

3DG: Nope, no can do. You have a forklift?

Me: No. It’s our house, we don’t have a forklift. We do have a tractor, I guess we could use the front end loader to lift stuff off.

3DG: That might work. Or, do you have a tree or a post?

Me: (confused.) Yes… But I don’t…

3DG: Great! We can just tie it off to the tree and drive off from underneath it!

Me: …

The next day, I left to go get lunch and get diesel for the tractor. I had told Party Boy about my discussion with the delivery guy the night before and he had laughed and shaken his head. He was convinced that there was another way or that the guy was joking with me.

When I came back, two very happy men with long beards (one of which looked a lot like Uncle Si) were driving out of my driveway and they happily waved and drove off. Party Boy was standing in the driveway holding the delivery receipt and looking a bit shell-shocked. The fence material was stacked neatly, suspiciously near a tree in our backyard.

Me: They tied off to that tree and pulled the trailer out from underneath it, didn’t they.

PB: Yeah. There were a tense couple of minutes when it looked like it wouldn’t budge, but then they got traction and it just slid right off.

Me: Told ya.

I can’t make this stuff up.


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