A Well-Spent Week – Monday

Last week Party Boy took the week off. He had one goal in mind for his vacation week – fence our property.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (with respects to Charles Dickens, of course)

On Monday, he practically leaped out of bed and promptly crowed that he had let me sleep in. Til 7. It was nice, I’ll admit, but it didn’t scream VACATION, ya know? We dressed for work and went out to the back to start unpacking the fence pieces that had arrived a couple of weeks back.

It also happened that we had gotten permission (finally!) from both the city and the HOA to start construction on Party Boy’s new workshop. As we were getting outside the concrete crew arrived to start dirt work on the foundation. He met with them and then we were off to dig post holes and set corner posts for the fence.

He bought an auger for the tractor especially for this job, though I imagine we’ll use it quite a bit for planting the mini orchard that we have planned, among other jobs in the future. That auger made the job so much easier and faster than hand digging. And considering that we were digging over 100 post holes? Yeah, not doing that by hand.


Anyway, we got the first three corner/end posts set and were drilling the fourth when something snapped and the auger quit working.

Seriously, I thought the week had just gone down the drain.

We loaded up the whole thing – no small feat consider how long it takes to get that thing on and off the tractor, which involves a block of wood, a grease gun, and a rubber mallet – into the bed of the truck and drove it back into town for repair. They couldn’t really estimate when it might get looked at, but probably not for a couple of days.

On a happy note, the tractor store had chicks!

Found these at the lawn store. S'cute!! #pictapgo_app #spring


I texted the picture to MOTS who begged me to bring them home, even offering to build a tiny yard of chicken wire to house them. No go…

We spent some time on the drive home discussing how we’d be able to salvage the week. Stopped at Lowe’s to gather some random supplies, then picked up lunch.

I was hopeful we could salvage his week off and still get some work done. He was less convinced.

We spent the better part of the afternoon planting half the garden and determining the property line for the final corner post (if we got our auger back).



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